My Story | From Nothing To Passive Income In 6 Years

My name is Ferdy. In the latest six years, my life completely transformed! Since 1999 I have had a goal: “Generate passive income.”

I went from a great web designer who was very underpaid to an online entrepreneur with 230.000 followers on Youtube and an email list of 50.000 subscribers.

I always thought that to become successful on the internet, you had to be a good-looking salesman that spoke fluent English.

I found that nothing could be further from the truth.

A Had A Dream

Since 1999 I have been interested in growing a passive stream of income.

I bought Fifa99 (a computer game) illegal on a burned CD for $4.

But buying a blank cd only cost $0.30.

I was like: “Can I burn something on a CD and sell it for $20 if I only pay 30 cents to buy it and maybe $2 to send it to the buyer.”

And then sell it unlimited times! Through the years, I kept on thinking about that.

Me in 1999 learning HTML and Iframes with Frontpage Express

My First Website

In 1998 I went to school, developed a love for making websites but always had difficulty asking for the right price. I didn’t want the clients to tell me: “What? Do you charge so much?” So I made sure I never had that situation by offering meager rates.

Meanwhile, my dream to grow a passive stream of income was alive!

So in 2014, after struggling financially and losing my job while at the same time getting into a relationship with Anna (so I had to make money to impress her (parents 😁)), I needed to make more money. So I bundled all my knowledge about WordPress and created a course in a month of full-time work. I sold it for just $ 47, and almost nobody bought it. So I lowered it to $27.

Anna and I on our second date in January 2014 ❤️

Then I got buyers, but they asked me so many questions that I did not want to sell the course anymore. It cost me more time than it would help me to make money.

That is when the idea came to place everything on the internet for free and see if I could make money with Youtube ads.

I started in October 2014, but all the time, I did not believe I could do it. So after recording a small video, I quit. I kept on thinking that my English was not good and that nobody would watch it.

I got one sale from that video, and that got canceled.

The big change

Then in May 2015, a friend asked me to do a live webinar. She made sure her clients came in, and I would teach about WordPress. She asked me if I could make an example video of 2 hours to see if I was able to teach.

20 Views Per Day

When I pressed the record button and started sharing my screen, I built a complete website in 2 hours. I was so impressed that I recorded a 4 hour tutorial on how to make a website from scratch using WordPress and the Enfold theme a week later. I even used affiliate links for the Enfold theme. And what happened is that I got 20 views per day.

200 Views Per Day

I changed the thumbnail of my Youtube video while I was on vacation in Italy and what happened the day after that shook me! I got 200 views! The day after that also 200 views! And I got my first sale! WOW!

Sharing valuable content on the internet worked! I did not have to give a rate to a client. I just helped people worldwide create a website, and the money started flowing in small but friendly amounts.

My dream of passive income finally came true! Not through selling a CD that I had to burn and send manually, but through a video uploaded to Youtube. I had to do nothing! This feeling was incredible!

Passive Income Through Affiliate Marketing
Passive Income Through Affiliate Marketing While Helping Others

After 16 years, my dream came true! I had passive income, and I could make money without having to talk about rates with clients!

Now, six years later, I learned so much more! About adding value, the quality in videos. What to say and what not to say.

And at the same time, I see there is so much junk on the internet about this topic: Making money online.

A New Voice

So I decided to be a new voice! A voice with integrity where I show people how to make money online! Because I such an angel? No. I know very well that when I execute this the right way I will make a lot of money with it.

At this moment I just bought a second house so my sister and her husband – 3 kids can live nearby and we can hang out with other friends who also live nearby. But now I have a big mortgage I really need to make some money. That is my motivation. To pay off the mortgage and at the same time be an integer voice in the world of making money online.

Ferdy in 2021

So I do my best to create the best blog posts and other recourses about passive income, affiliate marketing, creating your own course, selling your own course, starting with email marketing, starting with Youtube to help you generate passive income!

I love to tell the world that by being honest and helping other people you can make a lot of money these days! and that is my message to you! If you are beginning, feel free to browse through this website and start believing that you can do this!

I hope this story inspired you! Good luck with everything you do!

Ferdy Korpershoek